Pictorial of the 61st West Texas New Mexico Floral Show

As mentioned previously, we went out to the the 61st ¬†West Texas New Mexico Floral Association’s Annual Convention. It was great seeing the hundreds of florists and vendors there, plus a lot of retired folks who came out for all the revelry. Below are a few of our favorite pictures we took while manning the booth.



West Texas New Mexico Florist Convention

Hi folks,

We’ll be in the trade fair manning a booth starting this Friday, August 1 and leaving Sunday, August 3 at the Overton Hotel & Conference Center, which is hosting the 61st Annual Convention for the West Texas New Mexico Florist Association.

Besides the trade fair, they’re flying in master florists who will showcase their talents, and as always, they put on a fabulous awards banquet on Saturday night.

Come find us at our booth… we’ll be showing off our latest and greatest items.

WTNM Buddy Holly

WTNM Show Banner