New Colorama Prototypes – Feedback Wanted

Hi folks, we’re always looking to add new and interesting items to our Colorama line of bears, which has twenty colors last time we checked. We thought about adding a new color or two, but got hooked on the idea of changing up the print completely.

So we ordered a few prototypes based on some popular animals: the zebra, leopard and the tiger. And voila! We’re now the proud owners of three new prototypes! The first column shows the original animal, the second as a bear made up in the selected print, and the third we Photoshopped a bit (please excuse our haste!) to see what the muzzle and feet would look like in a plain print.

Let us know that you think! Maybe you like them as is, or maybe you have some suggestions.

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14 thoughts on “New Colorama Prototypes – Feedback Wanted

  1. Test it out with the leopard #3 first, then bring on the striped bears later (if the leopards sell well). Have you ever thought of a stuffed ferret? They come in a variety of patterns/colors naturally.

    • Thanks for the feedback Lori, we’ll probably take in all three of Version #3 and get it in by spring. We haven’t gotten many requests for a stuffed ferret, and don’t think we’ve ever come across one. If you think you could use one, we could try our best to source it.

  2. I think all three in the prototype 1 are cute and all three in the prototype 3 are the best option to adapt the print on a bear. If I had to choose between the two…I like all the prototype 3’s the best.
    Thank you for allowing me to give feedback 🙂
    Have a great day!

  3. The prototype # ! on all three animals are the cutest and can not be mistaken for a odd bear.

    • That’s a great suggestion Regina, we’ve entertained that idea too. It’s a matter of sourcing rainbow material… not as common as a plain print color or tiger stripes! 😀

  4. Thanks for asking. I am sorry to say I would never order these. A bear should look like a bear. My customers would not like to receive these if they order a teddy bear.

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