Sales Tips: Unboxing & Maintaining Plush Animals

For over a hundred years, plush toys, especially teddy bears, have been bought and sold in almost every gift and floral shop throughout America. Knowing that plush toys are a gift-giving staple should underscore the fact that stuffed toys can be a major force in your add-on sales push. The Plush in a Rush team, with over 30 years of combined wholesale plush sales experience has put together some tips that will help maximize your sales potential.

Out of the box and onto the shelf

After making a wholesale plush purchase, the first thing you will want to do is inspect the merchandise. Often, the plush toys are packed tightly for shipping, which affects the way the plush animals look when initially taken out of the box. Plush in a Rush recommends that you use a wire comb to fluff out the plush, especially the really furry ones with hair covering the eyes.

Teddy Bear Before & After Brushing

It makes quite a difference in the appearance of your plush toys when their fur is fluffed out and combed in such a way so their eyes show nicely. Before your customers will squeeze your plush and give it a good hug, they’re going to look at it first. That’s why you should fluff out your plush so that you can capitalize on the “looks good/feels good” mentality of plush purchasers.

Exercise your Plush Daily

Sure teddy bears are supposed to have a round tummy, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to move around. Naturally, your customers (and their kids) will hug your plush to see if it passes the softness test. And whether pass or fail, your plush toys might be tossed up rather haphazardly back onto the display shelf. That’s why you and the staff should make sure your plush toys are straightened out regularly so that they always have “hug me” written on their face.

Make sure that your display shelves aren’t too crowded. Plush sells best when there is a little breathing room on either side of the item. If you have a lot of stock, Plush in a Rush recommends you rotate it to allow particular items to stand out during different times of the year. If you really want to maximize on the inviting appeal of plush, use them as part of a window display or other arrangement.

Also, contrary to popular belief, teddy bears and their fellow plush animals actually like heights. Next time you see a teddy bear on the floor face down, ask him how he feels about it. Making sure your plush toys are off the floor sounds like common sense, but it’s often overlooked and your plush will wind up dirty if left down on the ground for too long.

Teddy bear on floor

This bear deserves better.

Don’t forget

Remember, plush toys have been around for over a hundred years and they aren’t going to leave us anytime soon. If you ensure that your wholesale plush stock is cute and cuddly, it will reward you with increased sales. Remember:

  • Comb out your wholesale stuffed animals once received
  • Rotate your stock and keep your plush toys off the floor and in the eyesight of customers
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